Frequently Asked Questions

What is sms4sats?

sms4sats is an online service where you can generate 1-time use, disposable phone numbers to receive SMS activation codes from online services.

You can rent phone numbers for a short time to receive multiple SMS messages from many online services.

You can send SMS to any phone number.

How can I use sms4sats to get an SMS code for twitter?

Here is a walkthrough video on youtube

How can I pay?

sms4sats accepts only Bitcoin payments over Lightning Network. This allows us to run the service without any accounts and balances.

For a list of Bitcoin Lightning Network wallets you can these resources: quick guide by lightsats or extensive guide by darthcoin.

I made the payment but I did not receive a phone number or verification code. How can I get a refund?

sms4sats works with hold invoices. This means your payment is finalized by our receiving node only when you receive the code, otherwise payment attempt is cancelled and funds return to your wallet in maximum of 20 minutes.

I provided the phone number to the service but I did not receive the SMS. Is something not working?

SMS delivery depends on many factors, most of them that are out of our hands. Most activation success rates are around %50* which means you may need to try at least 2 times before finding a number that works and the service successfully sends an SMS to that number.

Good news is that you can try as many times as you like until it works and you will only be charged for the code that is successfully provided to you. All other failed attempts will automatically be refunded to your Lightning wallet.

* We are adding new SMS providers all the time to improve verification success rates.

I have received a code but the service is complaining that this number is already used. How can I get a refund?

Please reach out to us on telegram or email and we will be happy to help you resolve your issue or refund your sats.

I used a number on sms4sats to sign up to a service but did not activate other forms of 2FA and communication methods. Service is asking me to validate the phone number again. What can I do?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to recall numbers that were previously used. This is a limitation due to our providers. We are working on ways to make this possible in the future.

How can I check if others use and like this service?

Please visit testimonials to see social media posts from other users about sms4sats and links to aggregator sites that have 3rd party reviews.